ISO 14001 Certification in Kenya in this age where organizations are expected to be more environmentally aware than ever before, ISO 14001 is recognized because the primary business standard that gives guidance on the way to control environmental impact for businesses the planet over. With ISO 14001 certificates awarded during 2015 alone – variety that's increasing year over year many businesses are now habitually incorporating compliance with ISO 14001 into their existing business practices, with the benefit being seen by both the individual businesses and therefore the greater environment. But, given this is often the case, where does ISO 14001 fit into your organization?

ISO 14001 – Why do companies comply?

Recently, I had a discussion with an ISO certification auditor who told me that one among the foremost interesting questions he asked companies at the beginning of the certification audit was: “Why does one want certification to ISO 14001:2015?” Interestingly, he told me that the range of answers was generally as follows:

  • We have a serious customer who insists we are certified.
  • We can’t compete in some tenders if it doesn’t exit with us.
  • We want to be perceived as being more environmentally aware by our customers and suppliers.

I found this interesting. In our previous article: the way to get management buy-in before your ISO 14001 implementation, we examined some compelling arguments for the adoption of ISO 14001 Services in Austria, and that i know that after 20 years of working with the quality my perspective has changed significantly. My answer to the auditor’s question would now be, so as of importance:

  1. To help protect the environment for current and future generations.
  2. To help reduce waste and save costs for my organization.
  3. To improve my company’s reputation.
  4. To give my company a competitive edge up the marketplace.

Of course, these are my opinions, and an outsider watching the prospect of doing business may prioritize these differently, but that's fine because i think all of the above are valid and achievable. This led me to ask myself: How does ISO 14001 fit into my organization?

ISO 14001 – How does it fit into my organization?

In my current organization, ISO 14001 was implemented some five years ago, and therefore the reasons for doing so were a mix of all of these illustrated above: reputation, cost, and a general regard for the resources of the earth that we are custodians of. However, it struck me that the way that ISO 14001 is employed in my organization has changed dramatically for the higher during that five-year period. The organization I work for develops extremely environmentally positive electronic products for the safety industry, and as I considered where ISO 14001 consultant in Sri Lanka fits into our organization, I considered the general objectives of the organization:

  • To develop and manufacture products that is more environmentally positive and has longer life cycles than their market competitors.
  • To develop and manufacture products that are more environmentally positive and have longer life cycles than the legacy products they replace.

What has become clear is that the ethos of ISO 14001 is now firmly embedded in our day-to-day activities, and actually, the environmental performance of our products may be a unique point . So, alongside measuring and improving our day-to-day impact, which of our supply chain, as you'll examine in: Driving your supply chain to ISO 14001 compliance, we actually measure the environmental qualities of our products – power consumption, life cycle, recyclability – and use them as a fundamental a part of making our products saleable. As long as this truly indicates that our environmental objectives are aligned with the objectives of our business – see Ensuring that environmental objectives are aligned with the company’s strategic direction for more details – we will truly say that ISO 14001 is embedded in our business management activities and our company culture.

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