Just like sports, sewing comes with unique terms. A novice may get confused for a while as they try to grasp what term refers to what sewing action. After all, many of the words sound the same. Once you understand the terms. You know what needs to be done.

If we want to get technical, lining is the fabric that covers the interior surface of another fabric. Outside of sewing underlining is drawing a line under a text on a page. But in sewing, underlining is just adding fabric to create body.

To learn more definitions and differences just continue to read our article. It is filled with different terms and their differences. Also, you may pick up a few more definitions as well.

Difference Between Interlining and Interfacing

The latter term’s purpose is to add support to the outer fabric in those areas where support is warranted. Fabric weight in these spots just won’t cut it and the clothing article may not look as good without the added interfacing.

Interface and interlining can be used in the same spots and interlining can act as interface in collars, cuffs, waistbands and other tough areas of different garments. Then interface can be used over entire sections of different clothing items and more than one layer or type may be used.

Interlining adds a little warmth as well, and it is possible to gain some warmth when using interfacing in large sections throughout the sewing project.

Difference Between Lining and Interlining

One of the main differences between these two sewing terms and usage is that lining is seen while interlining is hidden behind the lining. Another difference is that lining is not as versatile as interlining.

The latter can be made from all sorts of different fabrics and weights, etc. While lining is usually limited to silky or lightweight fabrics that feel good to the touch. The job of the interlining fabric is to add body, make the clothing article warmer and last longer.

The job of lining is to make the clothing article look as good on the inside as it does on the outside. Plus, the lining helps you put your jacket, etc., on and off a lot easier.

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