Many people, regardless of age and gender, experience hair thinning and excessive hair fall, resulting in Alopecia Areata or Baldness. Due to hormonal imbalance, unhealthy lifestyle, improper nourishment or any reason, people with alopecia areata experience hair loss in patches or complete baldness. Alopecia areata impacts one’s self-confidence because this disease creates aesthetical discomfort. Moreover, there is a myth that lost hair cannot be retrieved, but a hair transplant is a technique to help one get the hair back.

Hair transplant success depends upon various factors; therefore, the Best Dermatologists In Delhi offering their hair treatment excellencies at Dadu Medical Centre describe the hair transplant procedure and its success rate here.

Hair transplant is a procedure performed to replace the alopecia (baldness)-affected area with hairy patches/grafts. This hair restoration procedure uses patches of hair from an unrevealing hairy body part. Dermatologists or hair transplant surgeons perform this procedure with the help of surgical equipment required for patch removal and activation of dormant follicles. However, the procedure of the Best Hair Transplant In Delhi performed at Dadu Medical Centre is described underneath:-