There is exciting news for fans, the Pokemon Company has announced a brand new Pokemon Sword and Shield Exhibition Tournament, which is to be held in October, along with the event will probably be attended by players from all over the world, brings together a lot of the world's top players.

This event is very important for game lovers. If you want to participate, you need to improve your skills. In the game, it is difficult for many players to capture Shiny Pokemon, so we need to spend more patience and time practicing. 

The global exhibition is usually a special tournament that will hosts "various players from around the world", however, it's not clear whether it be a dedicated VGC or includes multiple games, like TCG.

Players who succeed in the 2021 Pokemon Japan Championship will probably be invited to participate in the competition. According to Serebii, this can be the only designated event that is going to be included inside the exhibition.
There are no specific details about the invitation/eligibility requirements that will apply to the rest of the world. However, TPC has noticed that these players will probably be removed from their list of players that have "excellent brings about tournaments across the world".

More detailed information about the global exhibition of swords and shields will be shared in the coming months, possibly in Player's Cup IV and other Plays! In addition, you can follow our website, which provides Buy Shiny Pokemon and 6 IV Shiny Pokemon, cheapest and safe.