Ningbo Tengxiao Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of magnetic products and magnetic equipment. Let me introduce one of our company's products: Pot Magnet. If you are interested in us, please continue reading:

Pot-shaped magnets with steel shell Pot-shaped magnets are permanent magnets housed in a steel shell, sometimes called pot-shaped, so they are called "pot-shaped" magnets. Permanent magnets can emit a magnetic field without any electrical energy.

Types of pot magnets: bipolar, countersunk, internal thread, stud and through-hole pot magnets have five forms: bipolar, countersunk, through-hole, internal thread and stud.

The special feature of Pot Magnet is the increased adhesion due to the metal pot. The magnetic core is located in it, so the bonding surface remains free. Therefore, the adhesive force acts on one side of the magnet. The pot changes the magnetic flux, thereby increasing the force. Therefore, even relatively small magnets can adhere very firmly. These magnets are versatile and suitable for commercial and private use. For example, they can be used as gripping magnets for industrial purposes and used to transport steel parts. Therefore, some people say deep pot. Such magnets are also very suitable for fast and fast detachable fasteners without drilling holes. Whether it is used for trade fairs and store construction or used to assemble magnets in private homes, for hobbies and other purposes.

The advantages of pot magnets are strength and durability. Due to the optimized magnetic circuit, the pulling force of the pot magnet is much stronger than that of a magnet of the same size. The steel cup can protect the magnet from direct impact, thus greatly improving its durability.

In addition to Pot Magnet, we also produce Badge Magnets. If you are interested in buying or are interested, please contact us!