Nowadays, when the digital industry successfully cooperates with medicine, the use of mobile applications for healthcare has undeniable advantages. In recent years, online consultations between doctors and patients have become increasingly popular. And according to statistics, about 53 percent of patients have either already scheduled an online consultation or are considering having virtual appointments in the future. Healthcare applications are especially relevant during the Covid 19 pandemic. Telemedicine — the use of computer and telecommunications technology to share medical information — is projected to be worth more than $40 billion in 2021. Moreover, telemedicine is a promising healthcare industry that is growing steadily by 20% every year.

So, in this article, we will focus on the features of modern healthcare applications and their types. We will also provide guidance on how to develop an effective medical application.

Healthcare Applications: Types and Trends
Health apps are being developed for both smartphones and tablets. Patients can use health care platforms at home to receive regular nutritional advice, for example. A separate category is mobile fitness, workout and yoga apps that can be used on the go.

In addition, through medical applications, clients can self-administer prescribed rehabilitation by watching short videos and following nutritional recommendations. A digital learning platform created by the German company Vivira, for example, helps clients with orthopedic problems perform exercises at any time. Another highlight of the development is monitoring progress throughout the rehabilitation.

Online collaboration apps are especially important for people with serious illnesses. For example, diabetic patients can send their glucose readings to physicians immediately. Platforms like these also provide ongoing care for patients with blood pressure, cancer, and chronic diseases. Thus, it is possible to prevent crises in time or adjust the treatment plan.

Mobile healthcare allows you to receive qualified assistance and not waste time standing in lines. I am sure that this company will pleasantly surprise you with its professionalism and high quality of its services.