Health and Safety Information
THF is classified as a flammable liquid under the current US OSHA Hazard Communication Program and can cause eye and respiratory irritation. Keep material away from heat, hot surfaces, open flames and sparks. Use only in well-ventilated areas.
Observe good industrial hygiene practices and use appropriate personal protective equipment.
See Safety Data Sheet for complete safety information.
General industry practice is to store how flammable is thf  in carbon steel containers. Storage in suitably lined steel or stainless steel is recommended to avoid slight discolouration of carbon steel. Products stored or delivered in unlined carbon steel containers must be filtered due to technically unavoidable particles.
THF should be stored under a nitrogen blanket when available. Avoid contact with air during long-term storage. This product may absorb water if exposed to air.
THF should only be stored in closed, properly ventilated containers away from heat, sparks, open flames or strong oxidizing agents. Use only non-sparking tools. Containers should be grounded before commencing transfer. Electrical equipment should comply with the National Electrical Code. Handle empty containers with care. Flammable and combustible residue remains after emptying.
THF produced and delivered by Monument Chemical is stable for at least 12 months from the date of production if proper storage and handling precautions are taken. THF subsequently repackaged, processed and/or delivered by a third party may have a different shelf life and third party shelf life studies may be required. Products beyond the retest date should be evaluated prior to use to confirm that all specifications are within their limits.
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