Apple Watch, Mac computer, and iPad can receive and send SMS texts, RTT, and phone calls using the cellular signal of your iPhone.

Apple has made it immensely easy for iPhone users to answer texts and calls using an iPad, iMac, and even their Apple Watch. The ability is available in any modern device of Apple with a screen. It means you can pick a call elsewhere even when your iPhone is in your pocket, bag, or desk.

Besides, Apple devices also support SMS text messages that Android owners use on their devices most commonly. It allows accessible communication and that too without picking up your iPhone.

Features That Apple iPhone Supports

Apple’s iPhone supports RTT or real-time text, which combines text and voice when you are on a call. It does not require teletype devices. It helps people with hearing impairments to use their iPhones easily for communication. Besides, the tech giant also supports RTT and has made it available in its Continuity app.

It allows the users to respond to any call on newer versions of iPadOS, macOS, and iOS devices without any need to pick up their iPhone. When you use RTT with a physical keyboard or a larger on-screen keyboard, it may make your typing much more accessible, smoother, and faster.

Take iPhone Texts & Calls on Apple’s iMac: Here’s What You Need To Do?

Apple has explained that Mac users can also pick their phone calls through their computer even if they have iPhone. To do this, Mac owners must sign in using the same Apple ID in each device in FaceTime. Users need to use the same network, and they must connect their devices through Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

After completing these things, you have to open the Settings section of your iPhone and enable it to “Calls on Other Devices.” Then, enable your Mac device to accept and receive ” Calls From iPhone.” You will find this option in the preferences section of the FaceTime app.

To avail of this feature on your iPod Touch or iPad, you will need to enable the same setup in the Settings section of your either device beneath the FaceTime section. After making these brief preparation, your devices on which you have enabled the feature will begin getting calls.

Here, you can make outgoing calls by choosing a number or typing it through the FaceTime app. When it comes to Apple Watch, if your device is paired, then phone calls will ring on it by default. However, you can make calls through the Phone app.

Users can enjoy calls just like actual phone calls, and using cellular minutes is possible unless you use a carrier that can support Wi-Fi calling. Above all, the tech giant also explained that using the same feature can help users send and receive texts on Apple’s device.

Taking Calls & Texts on Apple’s iMac & Other Devices: How It Will Benefit You

Answering iPhone calls on an iPad or iMac or placing calls through these devices is undoubtedly very convenient. It is particularly convenient when you reference information on these devices for making calls. Also, texting can be done using the more prominent keyboards that come with these more significant devices.

When talking about texting on Apple’s devices, the latest QuickPath technology has made swiping faster and quicker on an iPhone. Still, autocorrect can be the problem. Users can see text messages in the Messages app of their every device when enabling it in the Settings app.

You can view iMessages through this app which is quite specific to the other users of Apple devices. It counts as data instead of a text message in carrier plans. iMessages come with many unique features like end-to-end encryption. Usually, it can be a good idea to enable the iMessages toggle.

Taking Calls & Texts on an iMac or Other Apple Device: An Inviting Perk

If you want to take iPhone calls and texts on your iMac or other Apple devices, then you will require iOS 8.1 or a newer version on your iPhone. Plus, you must have an activated cellular plan as communicated is routed from the Apple Watch or Mac, or iPad.

The feature is compatible with any iPod Touch or iPad with iOS 8 or later and any MacBook or Mac computer with  OS X Yosemite or newer version. If you have an Apple Watch with watchOS 5 or a newer version, then you can use it to answer your iPhone calls and respond to text messages.

Overall, this is the perfect example of the tight integration of devices and operating systems and how Apple is determined to make the lives of its users more convenient in every way through its devices. All these things and integrations are an inviting perk that will attract more and more users and keep them stick to the brand giving a more cohesive and worthwhile feeling.


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