If you are among the people who want a wireless listening experience, AirPods and AirPods Pro will be great. But, it is not possible to charge these devices without the case.

Anyone who hopes to charge their AirPods and AirPods Pro without the case will not find any option. AirPods provides a tremendous and seamless listening experience to users who prefer wireless listening. But, when it comes to charging these Apple earbuds, it is almost impossible without its case. These devices are heavily dependent on their case for charging. It acts as a charger for AirPods and AirPods Pro.

The popularity of AirPods Since Their Release

AirPods have been popular since the release of their first generation. Seeing their massive popularity among buyers, Apple continued expanding the lineup. To date, it has introduced many newer models that include the AirPods Pro and the recent AirPods Max.

Among these over-ear headphones, you can charge AirPods Max directly. However, all other versions still need the use their case to charge their battery.

Apart from these, the tech giant has equipped these earbuds with many great features. For example, the second-generation AirPods and AirPods Pro are packed with Bluetooth 5.0, a proprietary system-in-a- package, and the H1 chip. Such great features gave these devices a much-improved performance and latency.

Besides, the tech giant also offers to track these earbuds if they are lost or stolen. Additionally, users can track their earbuds through any web browser or iPhone using the Find My App.

Different AirPods Versions & Their Charging Scenario

A consumer can pick either a wireless charging case or a standard one. But, it depends entirely on how much a consumer wants to spend. You can get a  convenient way to charge your earbuds when you purchase the wireless one. However, you still need a case to charge it.

There is a difference between the two cases of Apple. You can charge the Wireless Charging Case wirelessly using a Qi-certified charging mat. On the contrary, users have to use a Lightning cable to charge the standard case before passing on the charge to the AirPods. While the situation may change in the future, right now, you can’t charge any AirPods model without the case.

Broken or Lost Your Case? It’s Time To Buy A New One

Some consumers find it inconvenient to carry the case all the time. Therefore, they want some other way to charge AirPods to get relief from such inconvenience. However, many other instances impacted the AirPods owners a lot. For example, they are impacted a lot when their case is broken, lost, or stolen.

Unfortunately, there is no other option to charge AirPods without a case. Also, there is no other option rather than to purchase a new one when you have lost your earbuds, or they are stolen or lost somewhere.

Amidst all, some third-party products provide the option to charge these earbuds without using their cases. However, these are the products that you still need to purchase additionally. Plus, these products also work the same as a case.

It requires charging the AirPods using some form of power while keeping them in a stationary position. At present, it is best to use the case either sold by Apple or some other third party to charge your Apple earbuds.


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