WeTest is a cloud-based mobile application testing service that enables automated testing using well-known frameworks. WeTest automated testing aids in problem-solving throughout the whole development and operational lifecycle by using actual Android and iOS devices.


1. Integrate with Dev CycleImage description

WeTest Automated Testing integrates with your development life-cycle, which leads to a faster update to the application and better app quality.



REST-APIAPI Code Generator

CI/CD Plugin Good REST APIs mean good software. WeTest Mobile Test Automation integrates with powerful REST API to satisfy your test demands.

Image description

2. All Test Analysis in One ViewImage description

Automate and analyze your project wisely. WeTest Automation sort out multiple test reports from different dimensions in one place and make your analysis easier for you.


On WeTest Automated Testing, you can easily have access to:


Device statistics in multiple dimensions

Statistics of test cases on each device

Detailed device session information (log/screenshot/video)

Remote debugging on real devices

3. Ease of Use & Customer Support Select the right tool for automation testing based on your team's unique needs and skill set. Always try each tool that you're considering for at least 2 weeks before committing to one.


On WeTest Automated Testing, we provide you with exclusive customer support:


30-day free trial

Customized testing device group

Demo apps & scripts in Github Repository

Customer technical support in Slack

Relying on manual testing for repetitive projects is time-consuming. Instead, automate your tests and get fast feedback with WeTest Automation.


4. Any Platform or Test Environment WeTest Test Mobile Automation allows you to automate your test effectively on real devices in cloud with your familiar frameworks. You can run thousands of test cases simultaneously and get faster results.


Here are how WeTest integrates well with your projects:


Multi-platform support (iOS/Android)

Support popular mobile testing frameworks (Appium, Espresso, XCTest/XCUITest)

Support custom framework and test environment

Support .aab, .apk , .ipa extension

Execute test cases in parallel with multiple real devicesImage description

5. Maximum Device Coverage On WeTest.net, you can test on 1000+ real iOS and Android device models with different OS versions. Besides, all the devices are deployed and maintained in our Internet Data Center with 24/7 instant access. Each time you finish a test on WeTest, our devices will go through a cleaning phase and remove all data to ensure your data security.


Here are some of the product features:


1000+ different device modelsAndroid/iOS Real DeviceVirtual DeviceWeTest Custom Device

Global Data Center

Public and private mobile device cloud with 24/7 instant access

App performance statistics

Power consumption statistics

Safe clean-up phaseImage description

Summary WeTest Automation debug your apps quickly and ensure the quality of your app, which provides you with fast and accurate results without device maintenance concerns.


In short, WeTest improve your software quality and eventually lead a better experience to your end-users.