I have and never will know why they keep shooting themselves in the foot like this. Wouldn't expanding upon WOW TBC Gold a system rather than scrapping it and doing something else be better for them? They would spare time not having to design a completely different system, and most of the time the machine they are actually already using, they've only spent a year fixing. Why go through that cycle again instead of using the fixed system.

Just as BFA was awful, the HoA was not a bad system when they fixed it up and they could have easily done more with that moving into Shadowlands. Hippity hoppity that the HoA now absorbs anima congratz problem solved we don't have to scrap it for something different .

Why not just base it in SW/ORG and expand it with every new xpac rather than going from Garrisons to Order Halls to this fucking boat to Covenants. Have a garrison type instance in SW/ORG. Plan around it being used longer term, new expansion released and you can construct the expansion specific building that will progress the narrative. Or the NPCs only appear to advance the story. Having it as instance from the big cities will solve the"everyone is in their own garrison" issue.

It is absurd that so much development time gets spent on growth specific material. Island expeditions. Warfronts. Like at what point in development did they opt to give up on warfronts? Or when did they figure out that warfronts weren't likely to work as planned. It was a significant characteristic of the bfa expansion and imo was mostly a dud of a feature. Same with islands. It is a massive waste of money to look for a system which only lasts an expansion.

I concur that the HoA was a fantastic system. It's so hard for me to get round the thought that blizz knows what they're doing when they employ a system. They place systems in half finished intentionally. Look at the legendaries in legion. Players were saying, making articles on official forums, that the machine they had been applying for legendaries was terrible and was just going to upset the participant base. Silence. It had been set in as is of course, people were upset. Some had two, most had 1, some had none whatsoever. Even people who had at least didn't always get what they wanted/needed. It took the whole expansion for them to put the system as it should have been in the beginning. They know but for the interest of MAUs they include in fans and changes to cheap TBC Classic Gold systems to get people to remain or come back.