There are many types of garden machines, but some of them are familiar to us, and some are not familiar to us. They play a great role in greening, especially the rapid development of modern urbanization, and gardening has become a symbolic impression of a city. Of course, the tools related to garden construction are inseparable from these garden machines. We have some understanding of their use and maintenance.

The correct operation method is the guarantee for the operation of mechanical equipment. When we use the equipment, we often use the equipment to speed up or take a chance. It violates the operating requirements of the garden branch shredder, thus causing indelible pain. Although the garden branch shredder is a piece of equipment, it also has longevity. If the operation is not standardized, or if it is used for a long time, it will cause the garden branch shredder to malfunction. Therefore, the key to the user's needs to grasp the correct use of the garden branch shredder.

Correctly operate the garden branch shredder process: before using the garden branch shredder, do a comprehensive check of the technical status of each part of the equipment, and there is no abnormal normal start-up operation. When starting the operation, realize the idling of the equipment for 1-2 minutes, check that there is no abnormality in the operation, and start the normal feeding operation. When adding materials, it must be carried out at a uniform speed. Do not carry out more and less frequently. This will affect the discharging and the wear of the blades in the crushing chamber is different so that the dynamic balance of the equipment will fail after a long time.

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