MetaMask is a popular name in the crypto trading industry and with the passage of time, it is gaining huge popularity among those crypto traders that are into Ethereum trading. If this is the first time that you are getting to know about MetaMask, then you might be having hundreds of queries on your mind. The first question that might pop up in your mind could be about its usage. Well, you can easily use this wallet either by installing the MetaMask extensionor its mobile application.

But, then there are some users who wish to download the extension on their mobile devices. But, the real question is whether or not it is possible to download any extension including the MetaMask extension on your mobile.

Let's find the answer.

Is it possible to get a MetaMask extension on a cell phone?

Well, you will be disappointed to know that one cannot add any kind of extension to his mobile device including MetaMask. A lot of users wish to use MetaMask on their mobile devices and I know you too are eager to do that and this is the reason why you have landed on this page.

Don't worry, instead of getting the MetaMask extension on your mobile device, you can easily get the MetaMask application on your device. So, the point that I want to clarify here is that mobile users who wish to use MetaMask on their devices can easily do so with the MetaMask app.

Even if you open the chrome browser on your mobile device, search for the MetaMask extension, and go ahead to download it, then also you will be taken to the link to get its application on your mobile device (Android or iOS).

With that known, let us now talk about how you can use MetaMask on your mobile device.

How do you use MetaMask on a smartphone?

Whether you are an Android mobile device user or an iOS device user, there is only one way through which you can use MetaMask on your device. Yes, you guessed that right. All you need to do is get its application installed on your mobile device and then you can proceed to set up your wallet.

For the setup of a new wallet, you first need to open the wallet application, select the option to get started, proceed by the option to create a new wallet, and back up your seed phrase to end the process. This way you can easily start your crypto storage journey with the MetaMask extension or app.

Wrapping it up:

To end the read, all we can say is that MetaMask is probably one of the best ways to store your crypto assets that are based on the Ethereum blockchain. Along with that, it also opens up the pathway to connect to the decentralized applications by injecting Ethereum Web3 API into your website.