Ark Survival Evolved has a vast environment, and then there are some beautiful places to construct bases. There are several picturesque places here, you may choose to be your base for the island.
Your first base might be close to that you started until you've had at least some really good armor and weapons. The fast way is to buy ARK Dinos from Fortunately, there are a few very picturesque places from the "easy" spawning sites in the South 1 area.

If you climb the big hill leading to the plateau, overlooking the swamp, you'll be able to build a good place to look east based on the cliff. It is possible to spawn raptors and therazinosaurs, but so long as your barn has stone walls, you can pay a compact price for experiencing the scenery and some really good and flat building terrain.

Hidden lake
Considering the name, you might have discovered that the hidden lake is hidden. It's well hidden; this will make it a great location to construct a base for the multiplayer map. It is also one of the most beautiful battle locations on the island. 
Although you can find predators inside the hidden lake, it may be a very safe place so long as you are careful. Just make sure you've good walls. Most of the area is in the middle of steep cliffs-there is often a bottleneck on the entrance-this is usually a very unique destination to settle down, with a great of an open-plan barn system.
Western Coast
The western coast is often used as a base place because there is not a complete lack of alpha along the beach, and when you reach the snow. Put it this way, if you are not well equipped, don't expect to keep your gear when you reach the mountain. Because there are Daeodon everywhere. 

But the vista is shocking. By playing your cards, you can build a comfortable place, and at the same time, you'll be able to see waterfalls, oceans, snow, and volcanoes. If you want a flatter land, head over to one of the cliff tops.
Deep Island
Built too near the tree, chances are you'll leave the top door soon enough and be attacked by thylocorio. But the Redwood Forest can be a beautiful position for those who have some outstanding fighters to guard them. Camping about the beach through the river will provide you with some beautiful views.
The advantage of the beach is your flyers usually take off quickly and you may use flatter terrain. Not to mention an excellent source of meat. However, as long as you go slightly deeper into your forest, and build a few tree platforms, you may have some nice viewing platforms. 

Through the above, you can choose your favorite place to build a base. Building a base uses a lot of resources, Cheap PVP ARK Tek Items For Sale on ArkRex, and you can Buy ARK Dinos anytime.