With the increasing update of modern science and technology and the restructuring of agricultural industrialization, the level of modern agriculture technology is increasing. Traditional agriculture has been eliminated due to outdated equipment, and now modern commercial type agriculture armed with modern science and technology and equipment, in which sensors play an irreplaceable and effective function in various aspects of the agricultural production process.

Application of agricultural sensors in breeding seedlings

Crop breeding is one of the most common and frequent planting techniques in the agricultural production process, which is effective in improving crop yield and enhancing immunity. The application of seedling breeding technology is to shorten the growth cycle of fruits and vegetables by early greenhouse breeding, to obtain excellent species needed for the seasonal market, and to increase the added value of the products dramatically.

Sensors are also widely used in the seedling process, and their main role is to collect and detect various parameters in the seedling environment, including temperature, humidity, light level, carbon dioxide content and other key data, and then send them to the main control microcomputer instrumentation to achieve the role of regulation of various environmental conditions.

Species of different maturity periods need to be stored differently according to their species and specialties. For example, in the case of corn species, the quality level is usually classified according to its moisture content. The process of this classification necessarily requires the support of various sensing and detection instruments, including light sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, etc.

With the trend of science and technology, the development of sensor technology has gradually become an important driving force for the development of contemporary society and economy. The application of sensors and technology development, can be small, low energy consumption and other basic features, its use in the future of the huge agricultural market prospects are very promising.