Glasses frames are an important part of glasses, which mainly plays the role of supporting glasses. Glasses frames with beautiful appearance can also play the role of beauty. The materials mainly include metal, plastic or resin, natural materials, etc. By style, it can be divided into full-frame, half-frame, frameless, and other types.

A pair of glasses frame is usually composed of a mirror ring, nose support, pile head, mirror foot, and other main parts. In addition to the above parts, there are also foot sleeves, bracket screws, hinge screws, etc.


The metal materials used for spectacle frames include copper alloy, nickel alloy, and precious metal.


It is required to have a certain hardness, softness, elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, lightweight, luster, and good color. Therefore, almost all metal materials used to make glasses frames are alloy or used after metal surface processing.


Non-metallic materials of plastic or resin used to make spectacle frames mainly use synthetic resin as raw materials, which can be divided into thermoplastic and thermosetting resins.


The frame made of mixed materials is mixed with metal and plastic. Some of these frames are made of plastic wrapped with metal, that is, some or all of them are wrapped with celluloid; Some use different materials in different parts of the frame, that is, the front frame is plastic, the mirror foot is metal, or the front frame is metal, and the mirror foot is plastic; Some use the above two methods in combination, such as plastic for eyebrow strip and nose bridge, stainless steel for lens frame, and metal material for lens foot. The shape of the mixing frame is exquisite, giving a sense of elegance. Because the outer plastic closely contacts the inner metal material, it is not easy to burn, which increases the strength of the frame.