For new players, surviving the first day of the Ark: Survival Evolved may be a test. You need to make sure that you will not be eaten, poisoned, drowned, etc. So, choose to buy PVP ARK Items For Sale from is the best way for new players. Survival is like taking care of a baby. The tips in the guide below can make it a breeze.

Watch out for Dilos
When you first started playing Ark, most players started from The Island. There are different areas, as well as your best bet is always to choose one from the areas marked as "easy". However, if you reach level 1, the beach area is dangerous. If you are particularly unlucky, you will lay eggs in time and Face to face with Dilophosaurus. 

Dilos will not be particularly hard to kill, but inside the early days, they can be one of your worst enemies since they tend to scream at you and vomit acid. When you are not equipped and all you can see is the green slime that you have just been blinded by, you are likely to be a Dilo breakfast immediately. 

Easy to The Punching
Before you get the engrams to produce any equipment, you can spend points when upgrading, you might have to use everything you have; both your hands. If you happen to notice a strange implant that is part of your forearm presently, don't be concerned! Everything will probably be announced with time.

Now, let these hands will work, start picking stones, pick berries from your grass, colliding with trees until they reach level 2. However, enjoy the tree. This looks like it's an easy way to achieve resources and experience, however, if you don't breathe, you might pass out and/or die.

Start with pickaxe
The very first time that you upgrade, you may be prompted to start the menu and judge how to spend your experience; this is the way you learn how to create tools, saddles, and recipes. Once you could have some stone, wood, and thatch (from all of the punching and collecting you did inside the beginning), the first thing you want to do can be a stone pickaxe. You can come with an ax afterward. 

Picks are one of the most useful early game tools simply because allow you to collect stone, flint, wood, thatch, and metal. You can also utilize them to obtain meat and steer clear of creatures you kill or utilize them as basic weapons. But remember, they're going to break; complete a few.

Close to the beach
Once you have some equipment or even a pair of pants, you may have an urge for more information on new places. For the time being, ignore this urge and stay on a beautiful and relatively safe beach. Uphill or dense trees can be like tall grass in Pokemon; it's dangerous to go alone.

The beach is a good beginning because many dinosaurs are passive or herbivores. Buy ARK Dinosaurs can save you tame time. you can use most of the early game resources to make progress, and before you can make water skins, If you are not dehydrated, you can easily dip your toes into the sea. Stay near the spawn point and grind until you level up a bit.