Angular.js is one of the popular software development platforms based on the JavaScript ecosystem. Angular.js include version 2 to 8 and is widely used for web as well as mobile app development.

What is Angular.js?

Angular.js is an open-source JavaScript-based software development platform for front-end user interface development supported by Google. Angular.js is mostly used for single-page applications (SPAs) web and app development processes.


What are Angular and Angular JS

Angular.js is the original version and the other is a successor with JavaScript language based on Google’s TypeScript. Angular is a web application framework where as Angular.js is a front-end MVC framework. Both are works based on JavaScript. Many Angular.js development company offers both Angular and Angular.js development service separately due to their different service architecture.


Pros of Angular JS

1. Open-source

Angular.js is an open-source JavaScript-based framework therefore prefers custom application development. Angular.js provides the advantage of easily customizing the source code.


2. Single Page Application (SPA)

Single Page Application (SPA) means a single HTML web page is loaded and further update only applies on that single page only. This single-page application performs very fast and also it is more user-friendly.


3. Custom build

With some in-built attributes, Angular.js is easy to command. These attributes can extend the functionality of HTML by connecting a specific behavior. Angular.js offer much more customized features and functionality than others. 


4. Google support

Angular.js is supported by Google and this make many advantages such as regular updates, an ability to work across the operating system, and being supportive for remote users that have anywhere/anytime access compatibility.


5. MVC

Angular.js is a JavaScript base Model View Controller (MVC) architecture framework that enables developers to split the programming code into multiple MVC components and when a programmer has to code to integrate again the code of these three parts that Angular.js this is done automatically.


Cons of Angular.js

1. Security issue

Angular.js does not support server authorization and authentication. This lack of granting permission for data access and identification of the user through approval of credentials. Angular.js is unable to work with two features.


2. JavaScript centric

Angular.js is totally relay on JavaScript. Whereas JavaScript will be unable so the resultant page looks like a basic simple page.


3. Migration is time-consuming

Angular.js take more time to migrate from other databases. However, Angular to Angular.js or other JavaScript framework migration with Angular.js takes more time than others such as React.js, Vue.js, Node.js, and others.


4. Complex learning

Angular.js have limited documentation which will be panic in learning. That’s why learning new frameworks may face difficulties and be time-consuming also.


5. Debugging

Debugging is tough with the Angular.js framework it is simple to utilize the scopes but still difficult to debug them. Developers can be confused about what scope is being used and what its value is being debugged at the moment in the app.


Bottom line

Angula.js is helped programmers to create a dynamic single-page application for web and mobile applications. Angular.js offers feature-rich apps and website development. Still, it has some hurdles to work. Instead of this like other programming platform Angular.js have both pros and cons for the web and mobile app development process. That depends on project requirements.