The global bentonite market size was valued at USD 16 billion in 2021 and is poised to grow at a significant CAGR of 8.2% during the forecast period 2022-28. Bentonite is a colloidal clay mineral with a high swelling capacity, as well as a high viscosity and liquid limit. These characteristics are extremely useful in industrial applications such as pellet preparation and casting. Bentonite is also utilised in oil for well-drilling fluids as a suspending agent. It also has good green strength as well as high hot and dry strength, which aids in the prevention of moulds breaking or cracking even during pouring and cooling procedure in the construction sector. Bentonite is also utilised in iron ore pelletization, medicines, cleansers, paints, cosmetics, colors, paper, polishes, and animal feed, to name a few applications.


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Market growth is likely to be fueled by rising infrastructure in developing nations and higher governmental spending. Bentonite is also widely utilised in the oil and gas industry, where it is used to remove contaminants from oil and wastewater. Bentonite is also employed as a binding agent in the manufacture of iron, and it has a variety of applications in the paper, polisher, colors, detergent, cosmetics, and animal feed industries. In addition to this, the largest application category in the global bentonite market is predicted to be drilling mud. Over the forecast period, rising demand for iron ore in steel production is expected to have a beneficial impact on the bentonite market. One of the most important application segments is foundry sand. The worldwide bentonite market is expected to benefit from rising demand for bentonite in foundry moulds for metal casting of engine blocks, cast iron pans, brake drums, manhole covers, as well as brass water fittings throughout the projected period. However, as bentonite is a natural mineral that is mostly collected from mines around the world, there is growing worry about its depletion. As a result, several regulatory bodies around the world have placed limits on bentonite trans-continental trade. As a result, over the forecast period, the limited availability of bentonite is expected to have a negative impact on the overall market of bentonite to some extent.


The global bentonite market segmentation:

1) By Product Type: Sodium Bentonite, Calcium Bentonite, Sulphur Bentonite, Others.

 2) By Application: Foundry Sands, Cat Litter, Construction, Iron Ore Pelletizing Drilling Mud, Refining, Others.

Attributed to reasons such as, rapid particularly in the agricultural sector, high use of sulphur bentonite on crops, cereals, vegetables, as well as fruits to improve crop quality and yield, and increasing infrastructural activities, Asia Pacific is expected to account for a rapid revenue CAGR throughout the forecast period. India, China, Japan, and South Korea are some of Asia Pacific's most important contributors. Furthermore, Asia Pacific's rapidly growing population, rising living standards, and fast urbanisation are all driving the bentonite industry forward.


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There are several industry players working in the Bentonite Market, which include AMCOL International (US) Wyo-Ben Inc (US) MidPoint Chemicals Company (US) M-I SWACO (US) Volclay International (US) Kemira (Finland) Alfa Aesar (US) Charles B. Chrystal Co. Inc. (US) Cimbar (US) Tolsa Group (Spain) Amsyn Inc (US)

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