We all know how much entertainment and informational value does YouTube has in our lives. The Service might sometimes promote old or even irrelevant videos. This might be because YouTube could be simply mistaking the interest of the user, while in other cases, it could be in line with YouTube’s general approach of delivering videos targeting the user’s interest and prior watch history.

Now with YouTube being a Google Service, they are bound to have a large variety of user information about their users. Although my people are condemning it also has its benefits. Whenever a user clicks through and watches a video of their choice, now YouTube will take that as a signal to suggest a video according to the videos you are watching. If you watch a video through to the end, YouTube may take that as an even stronger signal that the user liked the video resulting in similar videos surfacing in the future.

Although it is very common for videos to be released and instantly gain millions of views pushing YouTube to promote them and show them as trending videos to other users who might or might not be watching those types of videos, some videos can generate substantial views more slowly over time. These evergreen types of videos can mean that these videos suddenly become popular over time in YouTube’s eyes. Now, YouTube thinks this is a trending video, which results in the surfacing of older videos in a user’s recommendation. This generally happens when the video also happens to match the interests of the user.

Your YouTube Watch History Matters a Lot:

Like other Streaming Services like Netflix, the more the user consumes a type of content, the video service tends to learn about their viewing habits and interests. A lot of time, this results in self-fulfilling outcomes. If YouTube recommends an older video and the user views it, then YouTube will take that as a yes, and then it will start recommending videos to that user, which is older videos. Sometimes, this cycle will continue if the user continues to see those kinds of videos regardless of age.

But after talking about this in perspective, there is also a chance that YouTube sauce is simply making a mistake, whether it is the result of bad algorithms, bugs, or misjudging the user’s interests. YouTube users can also fine-tune their experiences and recommendations by providing more feedback to the YouTube service. The other thing that you can do is to tap on the three dots on the bottom of the video and click on not interested. Users can clearly watch history and search history, or they can even turn off the personalized recommendations altogether. However, the last option is unlikely to solve the older video issues.


Are you also frustrated that YouTube is suggesting something that you have no interest in, so you might have questions in your mind? Here we have addressed and answered all the issues in this blog. How the recommendations work on several old videos and how sometimes YouTube can mess up. Hope you find this information useful. Thank you for the read.


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