Agreed. In addition, I have some suggestions concerning the sub moderators: create a bot that replies to any ribbon using"OSRS" or"oldschool runescape" on the title with a link to OSRS Items the 2007 Runescape sub, so that they are now able to know that there's 2 RuneScape subs, there's a great deal of clueless men and women who post here thinking that is actually the OSRS sub simply to find mass downvoted.


Also please create a bot that answers to some"is this real?","Just got this email" bogus email/phishing effort thread, which provides advice on how best to prevent yourself to fall to phishing links; they should also forward the fake email to jaghex together with the email header info so that it has seen and taken action against.


So the owner of the email can assess if a database leak on any place has jeopardized their email they used that email on. I really don't understand how hard it would be to create them, but they'd stop a great deal of confusion that gets seen by some folks on here. I am actually amazed that the redirect link to 2007 Runescape isn't a thing. If they made a bot link it might help prevent unnecessary confusion and harassment by the unfriendly people in this sub.Folks think RS3 is better than OSRS


OSRS is a pathetically behind the times game that has a system which enforces the bulk get their way - at the cost of everyone else. Obviously they end up having lots of players, the majority pushes what they need - plus they cultivate a harsh community that pushes out. RS3, by comparison, takes the educated route of appealing to many different gamers with a great deal of different content - instead of letting people clamor against each other in surveys they say,"Do not worry my children. I'll guide you."


Playing OSRS means you are needing to involve yourself in politics always - rather than simply enjoying yourself you're making game balance decisions? Uhh? Which will be the devs even being paid for if they can't do their job to make decisions that were great for Runescape? RS3's battle system has so much depth it creates an OSRS player's mind spin - RS3 is for a more elegant crowd that may take some time to learn about a variety of skills and master them to Buy RS Gold optimize their art in battle.