We have all seen the fitness videos on YouTube, and we were all convinced that it can’t be topped. But then other social media apps started pouring into our world. So, now everyone is seeming to be getting their advice from Instagram and TikTok. But are we sure that it is a good idea?

It’s great that you have so many options like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to get fitness advice. But it’s not so great after all because most of these fitness influencers are less than qualified to give any advice to the general public.

The advice on these social media apps also lacks personalization- they give the advice, but it might be or not tailored to your unique body’s unique needs.

This doesn’t mean that you have to stop taking or watching fitness advice online forever. So, we contacted two fitness experts to get some tips and best practices to find the best fitness content, whether on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Now you have to keep reading to find out what we have found out and when the advice is legit and when it is sketchy.

There is an apparent lack of individual advice

This is an issue that isn’t only limited to TikTok. It is general to all online fitness content. But now, it is getting a little out of hand, and the trend is escalating quickly. The videos are short, and people are ready to try the trend and recreate their social media content documenting it.

You listening to the advice of TikTok could be dangerous because the information is not tailored to the individual who is listening or watching. It is essential to understand their limits and a clear understanding of what’s good for them or what is not. Everyone has their own needs when it comes to fitness. Considering the baseline conditioning and previous and current injurious.

Not all Fitness Influencers are qualified experts

Social media has brought a lot of new things to learn and experiment with. Fitness is one of the things that are more accessible now. But now, social media platforms don’t require any credentials for these social media influencers to post anything. There is also a background check on anyone who could list off impressive credentials that are false.

So before you start admiring someone and start listening to their fitness advice. Do a quick Google search of the influencer, blogger, and or coach and see what credentials they have? You should ask yourself these questions; Did they get a degree in exercise science? And are they certified through primary national training like the National Academy of Sports Medicine? Do they have a career in this field? If, after doing a quick search on this and you see no experience in the fitness industry. It would help if you were skeptical and should search for someone else.

Trends are not made for everyone

Not all trends are made by keeping everyone in mind. Sometimes it is meant for you or someone else. More often than not, trends catch fire and become viral everywhere, but they don’t have any solid ground based on solid science. Just because everyone is talking or doing something doesn’t mean you should. Sometimes it’s better to think for a moment before you react.

Trends aren’t always the best thing. You should be aware of these trends which promise you results that are too good to be true. So, if you want to achieve your fitness goals, let us tell you what you require are grit and determination. We feel to achieve the results you want. There is no better way to expedite your results without compromising your safety. A fitness professional helps you as per your requirements. They are not here for the likes and videos.

Try to work with a Professional Trainer

People should always consider personal trainer can help you safely and effectively reaching your fitness goals if you don’t have time for a personal trainer or going to the gym. There are hundreds of personal trainers available for virtual sessions, consultants via the internet, or some of the paid apps which let you work out with a trainer in real-time. Also, virtual sessions can cost less than when you go to the gym personally.

Suppose you have specific needs related to your body and want a specific workout plan which suits your body, then nothing is better than working one-on-one personal trainer. A personal training session is going to have specific tools that are needed for you to train. This is the best thing that you can do to tailor the workout around the specific needs and in a way to achieve goals.


So, if you want to work out through social media apps, check specific things before you start following an influencer and making him your fitness guru. Here are some things that we wanted to clear regarding social media trends and fitness challenges.


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