An entry was published on the official Path of Exile website in which Grinding Gear Games reminded fans about the attractions planned for this year. You can Buy POE Currency at MMOSO.

At the beginning of April, the next expansion to Path of Exile is to be released, which will be released as part of update 3.21. The fact that we will have to wait two more months for it means that the Forbidden Sanctum challenge league (previous expansion) will last longer than expected, which is why the developers want to add a few small changes to it that will make the fun more attractive.
ExileCon will take place on July 29-30. During it, new information will be revealed about Path of Exile 2, Path of Exile Mobile and the addition of the first PoE, which will be released in update 3.22.
The add-on with update 3.22 will debut about a week or two after the convention, so we should expect its release in the first half of August.
It is worth noting that during ExileCon 2023, the developers also intend to announce the start date of the closed beta of Path of Exile 2.

Grinding Gear Games is very pleased with the warm reception of the Forbidden Sanctum expansion, and the convention is expected to bring a lot of attractions for fans of the first part of the series. However, the theme of ExileCon 2023 will be PoE2. In addition to the announcement of the beta and fresh materials from the game, it is quite possible that we will know the approximate release date of the sequel - some fans speculate that it may take place at the turn of 2023 and 2024. The duel of this sequel with Diablo 4 will be a clash of titans that will go down in the history of the hack'n'slash genre. It will also be good to see Path of Exile Mobile. It's been pretty quiet about this game for a long time and it's about time we could learn something new about this project. has been selling Buy POE Orbs for a long time, and judging from the comments on the website, many players enter the website for transactions. Most of them are positive. Maybe these are more secure. You can Buy POE Currency and POE PC items at MMOSO.