Welcome in our ESO Crates guide to crafting. Crafting is a crucial element of many MMORPGs. Elder Scrolls Online is no different and it has a reasonably developed crafting system. It’s definitely not the most complex one in the genre, but it still might get a little confusing at times. Especially considering that many inexperienced players choose ESO as their first MMORPG and rightfully so. The game is pretty forgiving and doesn’t put a lot of barriers in front of the new players.

Daily Crafting Writs

The easiest way to earn gold in ESO and acquire valuable materials (that you can use or sell for gold!) is to do your daily crafting writs.

Most cities have “writ boards”, where you can collect daily crafting quests that require you to craft specific gear pieces or consumables. Upon completing and turning in these crafting writs, you will receive gold (that scales with your level) and a daily coffer for the type of writ that you turn in that can contain materials that are also specific to the kind of writ in question.

For example: if you complete and turn in a woodworking writ and are max level (cp160+), you will receive 664 gold as well as a Woodworker’s Coffer that could contain woodworking upgrading materials like Mastic or Rosin!

ESO Surveys

Writs also have a chance to reward surveys, which are essentially maps that lead to special areas throughout Tamriel that contain special versions of nodes that reward you with significantly more raw materials than a normal node of the same kind.

For example: while a regular woodworking node may reward you with 3 (or sometimes 6) raw wood pieces, a woodworking node that is specific to a woodworking survey would reward you with 18, 20, or even sometimes 40 raw wood pieces! These pieces can be refined for a chance to get upgrading materials, or the raw wood can be sold on your guild trader!

Master Writs

Another item that you could receive while completing your daily writs is a master writ. Master writs are more extensive and exclusive writs that require the player to craft a particular item that requires much more crafting knowledge and experience than the regular daily writ.

A master writ may require the player to know a specific style or research trait. It may require the player to have read a specific recipe. For the most part, these kinds of writs are not ideal for newer players that have yet to learn a lot of recipes or motif styles or traits for armor and weapons. Once you do get to this level, however, these master writs are a great means to earn some extra income.

You can either chose to sell your master writs or complete them. Once you complete a master writ and turn them in to the master mediator, you will be rewarded with the set amount of vouchers that was specified on your particular writ. These writ vouchers can be used to purchase a plethora of items from both Mastercraft merchants.

Selling Craftable Gear

By doing your writs daily and on several toons, you will find that you will make a lot of passive gold while also stocking up on valuable materials, surveys, and other goodies that can contribute to your financial gain in ESO. Another way to make gold in ESO by means of crafting is to sell craftable gear!

There are a substantial amount of sets in ESO that can only be acquired by means of crafting. A lot of these sets are really useful, and even in some cases “meta”, making the notion of crafting sets to sell on the market a worthwhile endeavor.

Each craftable set has a trait requirement, meaning that the player must know a certain amount of traits in order to be able to craft gear of a specific set. In order to know a trait, you must have completed researching it. Not everyone is a “Grand Master Crafter“. Not everyone is going to be able to craft every single set piece in the game, which really opens up a window of opportunity for crafters to sell their craftable sets for reasonable prices.

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