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Students often suffer from assignment writing because it is difficult for a student to understand the terminology and convey the idea of an assignment. Many students who struggle with writing in this domain are not aware of what is expected from them and that there are different levels of writing. Students have to be very careful about plagiarism and copyright laws as these can get them into serious trouble. A plagiarism checker tool like Turnitin can help students detect any potential errors so they can avoid being caught in plagiarism claims.

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The high demand for writing assignments made in school is one of the reasons why students struggle with assignments. As a result, they find it hard to come up with creative ideas when writing and thus, they tend to fall back on old methods that produce less-quality work. One reason why assignment writing is tough for students is that it requires them to think creatively and be organized at the same time. These two skills are difficult to achieve as we grow up, making it hard for students to flex their creative muscles in school.

Because of these struggles, students tend to give up on the assignment process altogether which leads to skipping class, turning in late submissions, and not doing enough to ensure that their grades don't fall too low.

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