In the Ark, you will find bosses who dominate the world: powerful dinosaurs along with creatures that start territory on their own and become terrifying when threatened. Buy PVP ARK Dinos can help you to tame creatures quickly. Here are some of the most robust bosses found inside the Ark and ways to defeat them.
Desert Titan
Desert Titans are simple to kill, but only should the player has tamed Managarmr, but that's difficult to do. If the player has a Managarmr, he should send a compact soldier that has a powerful rifle, then sprint forward, attack, and after that retreat before being hit by lightning to directly attack the Desert Titan.

It is the few bosses who might be played solo easily, nevertheless, it requires skill, much like the ownership of Managarmr mentioned earlier, without it this could be a difficult battle.

Forest Titan
If you then have a Managarmr for Desert Titans, you'll want to use it for other Titans, and Forest Titans aren't an exception. The only reason the Forest Titans is known as harder as opposed to the Desert is you need several Rexes to participate you inside the battle.

After the Forest Titan is summoned, it'll generate poisonous trees, making it challenging to fly, which is where you want to go. So you need Rexes on the surface to prevent these trees from laying eggs. So this is just a matter of rushing to victory with Managarmr.

Ice Titan
Ice Titan would be the toughest of the three elemental Titans. It has the biggest health, as well as its breath attack and mist will freeze opponents. This is a tricky battle, but having a swift mount like Managarmr makes it easier to protect yourself from those pesky freezing attacks.

Having Rexes on the surface to maintain Ice Titan distracted can also be very helpful. They will not cause much damage since they will freeze most of the time, only when you deal with its minions and cause damage, they can keep the Titan away from you. 

Megapithecus features a lower health status than the other bosses listed, so fighting isn't very difficult. Megapithecus is a giant ape that lives inside a temple with a snow-covered mountain. It can summon a monkey named Mesopithecus as well as a great ape named Gigantopithecus.

To defeat the largest apes, players just need to stay on the starting pad, wait for great apes to approach, then whistle the tamed dinosaurs into battle. Assuming that players took precautions to avoid hypothermia and prevent their dinosaurs from falling in the big holes inside the level, next the battle is straightforward enough, although it does take longer than facing the Titans. 

The above is the introduction of Some Most Powerful Bosses for you. If you like some other creatures, you can buy ARK Wyvern from the website, Fast Delivery, and supports 24/7 online services to help players better enjoy the game.