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Tell me about yourself
I am an honest, hard-working, self-driven, and emotionally intelligent manager. I truly believe my professional experiences in being in the fast food, retail, and even mechanic industry have equipped me to be an effective leader. It also allowed me to manage teams as small as seven to as big as 29 people. My academic and professional experience have also attributed to my passion for operations. I think there is nothing more rewarding than inspiring a team to accomplish a goal learn more. My experiences have also equipped me interpersonal, decisive, and project management skills necessary to be an effective Area Manager.
In your opinion, what qualities and attributes are needed to become a competent Area Manager?
Firstly, I think there are many attributes and qualities that make a competent Area Manager. The basis of what makes a competent Area Manager is being professional, having integrity, and being dedicated to your team and mission.

However, I think leading by example and setting the standards high are what makes an effective Area Manager. If you are expecting your team to give you 110%, you have to be able to do the same.

I also think respect is crucial. By understanding your team's strengths and weaknesses, your able to see the opportunities so that your team is balanced.

And lastly, being prepared to decide. Having the right information to make educated decisions are what drive performance.
What do you expect to be doing on a daily basis as our Area Manager?
Managing + leading
Tell me about a situation you were in where you managed a team remotely?
Going virtual and leading it
What’s the difference between a manager and a leader and which, in your opinion, is the most important?
A manager is someone who utilizes the organization's resources to ensure effective and efficient operation of their team. A leader inspires, motivates, and directs the people whom are under their control to achieve the mission, aims and objectives of the organization. I believe to be an effective Area Manager, you must utilize both of these definitions to be able to meet the objectives while also truly embodying Amazon's core values.
Why Amazon?
I think working at Amazon is an amazing opportunity. I love the company culture and the emphasis in leadership and desire to be innovative. Amazon is inspiring to me and I would feel honored to be able to uphold a management position for Amazon and help inspire others to make an impact at Amazon.
How has a past experience shaped how you will play in this new role?
I started off working at the age of 13 at a mechanic shop this taught me the value of hard-work, from there I ended up working at Carl's JR where they really showed me the importance of customer service, I then worked for Victoria's Secret and that taught me how advantageous having integrity is and those skills I learned from Carl's JR and Victoria's Secret helped me be a strong leader as a Retail Manager for HER Boutique. I think my skills shined a little as an event production intern where I. consitently working in a fast-paced environment, representing the company while communicating with high-profile celebrities, while also leading multicultural people at CSUN
Describe a time when you demonstrated one of the Amazon Leadership Principles in a previous role?
- insititing higher standards, HER Boutique, never just ok keep strivibng for more
How would you handle a difficult and unproductive member of your team as their manager?
- HER Boutique, Cidnee, schedule conflicts
Tell me about a situation when you took a risk, and it didn't work out
- pre covid an idea about team building

- post covid able to make icebreakers and use Zoom
Describe a time when you disagreed with your supervisor or manager?
I can bring to Amazon is a track record of consistent improvement of current processes. This can be seen in a situation where I dealt with Michael
As our manager, you will need to make difficult decisions on a regular basis. Explain the decision making process you utilize ?
Identify decisions, gather information, weigh pros and cons of alternatives, choose and take action, reflection
As you are aware, excellent customer service is at the core of everything we do here at Amazon. Give an example of when you facillitaed excellent customer service?
HER Boutique, buyer, Karen, regular, calling her up for an item she really wanted
Explain a time when you handled a difficult situation?
Sarah, project manager position, conflicting personalities, talked about it
When have you worked with other people to complete a tough project?
Event Production internship, SpaceX, over max capacity event, not enough bar-tenders, my team stressed, took initiative and started serving drinks

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