Samsung is supposed to roll out the latest editions of its smartwatch series in the second half of 2021 with the Galaxy Watch 4 and Active. So, here’s everything we have got to learn about the Watch for now. We are going to explain things as per the leaks about its specs, features, OS, and cost.

Price and Availability

Seems like Samsung is acutely familiar with its flagships’ costing in 2021. This year, it released the Galaxy S21 lineup at a minimum base price than the S20 series. Considerably, this was needed, but could this philosophy be applied to the company’s product smartwatch too?

The pricing of its predecessor Galaxy Watch 3 began at $399, but the Watch offered a variety of upgrades over its predecessor, i.e., Galaxy Watch 2. However, it doesn’t look like Samsung would sell the latest wearable for anything less. This might become a reality if it includes an additional health monitoring feature.

As for the wearable availability, assume the latest Galaxy Watch 4 to be available for pre-booking on announcement day. It might be available with general sales after a few days from the launch.

Specs and Features

The leaks from the different sources render us a few hints about the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series’ specifications.

As per the leaks, there will possibly be MIL-STD 810G durability, 5ATM water resistance, and GPS tracker. If believing in rumors, it could also include Gorilla Glass DX Plus, which we’ve viewed on former Galaxy Smartwatches.

TheElec released a report in April. According to this, the 40mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 model could include a 240mAh battery. But it is a reduction of 7mAh battery over its predecessor Galaxy Watch 3. However, a listing by SGS Fimko, a Finnish certification website, indicated the diminutive Galaxy Watch 4’s battery could be 247mAh. Seems this wearable will also support 5W charging. But we are not sure these minor upgrades will impact major real-world results.

To improve the health tracking system, Samsung was suggested in January to include blood sugar monitoring in an upcoming Watch. The company designed a system, previous year, that has got lasers to detect the glucose composition in the blood. This feature would become a blessing for those who have diabetes patients. Unluckily, the newest report shows that the company may have dropped this idea.

As per another leak, the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 may add a new sensor to observe the chemical composition of the body. The bioelectrical impedance or BIA sensor analysis would predict the user’s body fat percentage, which will provide a wider analysis of their general health. However, we can at least expect the features like heart rate sensor, pulse oximeter, ECG, and blood pressure monitoring to make a return.

Is It Tizen or Wear OS?

Well, there is still no confirmation about the watch’s operating system. Since we already know that Google and Samsung partnered to introduce a newfound edition of Google’s Wear OS platform. However, will the Galaxy Watch 4 lineup view the launch of that latest platform?

We will probably get to know a lot about the OS at the earlier mentioned event, which is happening on June 28. Possibly, Samsung can announce which of its forthcoming smartwatches will view the latest Wear OS.

However, it looks like the Galaxy Watch 4 series software may include a familiar look and sense. A leak indicated the Galaxy Watch 4 could wrap up a One UI layer on top of Wear OS.

A Quick Review of The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Galaxy Watch 4 series is presumed to release in two different editions. The first one, which is the standard Watch 4, will track the footsteps of its predecessor Galaxy Watch 3. That means the Galaxy Watch 4 standard model will give a feel of traditional smartwatch design. It will be available in a thicker overall design with extended lugs to hold the strap and a rotating bezel. Most probably, Galaxy Watch 4 will come in two distinct sizes too. The latest Galaxy Watch 4 model will come in 42mm and 46mm sizes, and the Active variant will be available in 40mm and 42mm sizes. According to the latest tweet claimed that color variants on the latest smartwatch would be similar to Samsung’s forthcoming foldables, which are rumored to match the Galaxy S21 lineup.

Apart from the standard version, a Galaxy Watch Active 4 is also estimated to launch at the same time. This edition will possibly have a thinner, sportier design but won’t include a mechanical rotating bezel. The whole series was supposed to add a non-invasive blood sugar sensor as well. But it’s reportedly no longer the case.


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