2022 is an extraordinary year for the wholesale beauty products industry. We thought Desim was leaving, but we didn't. We celebrate the California ban on animal experiments and the cover girl's switch to non-animal experiments. We track every release of Fenty Beauty and Glossier products. There are so many new products, new trends and new procedures: some are really dreamy, some are a little strange, some we want to embrace, but it seems that we can't find time in the busy schedule.

This is also a great year for the technological progress and inclusiveness of the beauty industry. We welcome eye cream, which can counteract the damage of blue light and smell like your favorite hair care product. There are more and more foundation make-up of various brands. In addition, we will continue to see more high-quality and affordable cosmetics and skin care products. The following is a summary of our favorite beauty products in 2022.


Economical exfoliating products


Hard scrub containing small and hard particles is not actually suitable for exfoliation. Therefore, we turn to the magic peeling power of acid, especially in Trader Joe's dessert α Fruit acid (AHA). This is a good way to enter the exfoliating world that is beneficial to you. It only needs $6 investment and can be bought when you go to the grocery store next time. It smells delicious, but please don't try to eat it. Haili Schueneman


The indulgent bubble bath has a long way to go

There are several things I am good at, one of which is bathing. I like a fluffy bathtub, just like I was in the pink bubble of Kate Moss at the Ritz Paris, but I don't want to clean my bathtub after taking a bath. Honeyst's bubble bath is great because you only need a little, such as a pint, to get a lot of delicious bubbles, which will make you feel like you are in the perfect bathroom of Harry Potter. I especially like lavender, which has a light fragrance. Kathleen Hou


Magic moisturizing cream


This charcoal base makeup has several magical effects: when it comes out of the test tube, it is black, but when it is painted on the face, it is completely transparent; It brightens immediately upon contact, although it is very dark at first; It gives the skin a soft, matte surface and still feels moist; It has an addictive citrus flavor. Surprisingly, it comes from a primer. Applying it under foundation make-up can keep it in place all day long, or apply it alone. To be honest, this is a good step tutorial to make you look natural and radiant. Erica Smith


Lipstick for people who are afraid of lipstick


I seem to be one of the few people who support this incredible little lipstick in Cut, but I don't care! The redesigned Generation G knows exactly what it is: an effortless transparent matte lipstick. Erica said it best. She described it as "powder blusher on the lips". If you don't like using lipstick, but are a little curious about using lipstick, try this. It is very simple to apply, just like lipstick, with rich colors, so that your entire makeup can be integrated without attracting too much attention to your lips. I like to use all these skills easily without a mirror. They make me believe in lip color again, which is very exciting. Haili Schueneman


Real magic face cream

I like this incredibly expensive moisturizer, but I'm ashamed to say that I don't know how it works. But this moisturizer makes my skin look better than anything I have used this year. After use, my face looks soft, soft and clear, while removing swelling and firming. This is very subtle - it doesn't look like I did facial peeling or anything else - but it makes me look much better, like I haven't eaten sugar and carbohydrates for weeks. I drank up a whole bottle, so I experienced the life before and after Augustine's festival. I can confidently say that I have.