Electromagnetic clutches can be used when mechanical engagement and clutch operation time are usually ignored, and when your hand is close to the gear lever, the clutch can be activated by simply pressing a simple button on the gear lever or even a proximity sensor. When the clutch is actuated remotely, a DC current is passed through the electromagnet which creates the magnetic field. The armature is then attracted to the rotor, creating friction to engage the engine and transmission.

Electromechanical clutches play an important role in the automotive industry and are used in almost all gear-shifting systems. By pulling on the paddles, an electrical signal is sent to the computer, which activates a servo to hydraulically disengage the clutch.

This eliminates the need for any form of the clutch pedal and, when combined with a DCT transmission, can be the most efficient form of shifting on the market. Often these systems are used with more powerful powertrains, so multiple plates are used within the clutch.

There are a few other types of clutches, but most of them are either extinct or only used in small parts of the automotive industry. Centrifugal clutches, for example, are common in the moped and bicycle industries, using brake shoes (like drum brakes) to engage and disengage the clutch. Dog clutches are also used in non-synchronized gearboxes, but require double disengagement, and were brushed under the mat as the gearbox evolved.

If you're looking to get more power out of your engine with mods, your clutch has to be considered.

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