Many people think of putting a full stop to those endless trips to the salon and opt for a permanent solution for unwanted body hair. Well, the laser hair removal technique is the answer to it. With the advancement in medical technology, going for laser treatment is as easy as buying groceries online. However, many misconceptions are blowing in the air that stops people from going for these. 

The concern is even bigger if the treatment area is sensitive, like the bikini area. To burst these myths bubbles, we spoke with Dr. Nivedita Dadu, an expert skin specialist and founder of Dadu Medical Centre. She has been performing bikini laser hair removal in Delhi for many years. She explains that it is one of the safest techniques to remove unwanted hair, even from the bikini area. 

So let’s start with the myths and facts about bikini laser hair removal with Dr. Nivedita Dadu, the Best Skin Doctor In Delhi.

  • Myth 1: It is a painful procedure

People have different pain thresholds, which may feel different to everyone, but laser hair removal is generally not a painful process. Some people describe the laser light hitting on their skin like a hot rubber snap, while some people feel like tingling. 

  • Myth 2: Treatment takes too long.

It takes 4-5 sessions to get rid of 90% of the unwanted hair. Usually, patients are told to come back every 6–8 weeks for more treatments. This means one will be done in a few months with the permanent removal of bikini hair.

  • Myth 3: It's not safe.

Laser hair removal uses a laser attracted to the pigments in hair follicles. This means that the laser only targets the hair follicle and nothing else. This doesn't hurt the tissue around it and has been used safely on millions of people. Many studies also show that getting rid of hair with a laser is safe. There is no risk as long as one opts to go to a good clinic with qualified doctors and treatments like Dadu Medical Centre.

  • Myth 4: Laser hair removal is expensive

When looked at, it is in lumpsum; it may look expensive. However, compared to the amount spent on salon sessions for hair removal, LHR is a one-time investment that will give lifelong returns. 

  • Myth 5: It is only for people with a light complexion.

Bikini laser hair removal treatment works equally well for people with all complexions. It targets melanin (color pigment) present in the hair follicle to damage them from the roots. It has nothing to do with the complexion of the person’s skin. 

Dadu Medical Centre has one of the greatest and most up-to-date laser hair removal machines. To learn more about Bikini Laser Hair Removal In Delhi, consult Dr. Nivedita Dadu.