Starting out in Escape from Tarkov is much less about taking pictures and extra about figuring out wherein you’re supposed to move. You can purchase maps from the in-game NPC companies, however many players use static maps located on line. These have usually numerous in first-class and the amount of EFT Roubles records they contain, however luckily now there’s a definitive, interactive set. They’re amazing.

The Escape from Tarkov map set by Map Genie includes six loose maps: Factory, Woods, Customs, Interchange, Shoreline, and The Lab. Reserve is, well, reserved for ‘seasoned’ customers, which costs $four.99 for a 12 months or $nine.Ninety nine for a life-time subscription.

What you get is a very beneficial on-line tool that’s greater than only a map, even though the maps on their personal are enormously exact, clean, and packed with facts. You can clear out sure types of records to consciousness on key gadgets or enemies, or depart all of it on – the maps may be zoomed inside and out, and that they’re readable at every scale. They show PMC spawns, scav places, exfiltration points, the locations for quest objects, and each piece of loot on every map.