College-level mathematics can be a nightmare at first, especially for those with poor concepts and computational skills. Some even perform poorly in math due to their lack in confidence, often seeking college homework help from experts.

But you can solve even the most complicated math problems when you have math-based tools that you can use to learn mathematical concepts better. On that note, here are 5 math tools for solving your college homework help you become a pro at math. Here you go!

  1. Moose Math

pay someone to do my math homework and make it interesting?” You can use Moose Math to solve math problems by playing interactive games. The easy navigation and vivid graphics, along with the gamification of math, make this tool an excellent option for students with short attention spans.

  1. Happy Numbers

This subscription-based website is ideal for college students and focuses on higher-order math concepts. The tool breaks down math homework help online free, you understand concepts better. The tool uses gamifies math, thus making it a lot more engaging. Every time you solve a college-level math problem, you get to earn bonus points that you can later transfer to your bank account. The monthly subscription per student is $14.50.

  1. Prodigy

Suitable for high-school and college level math, this tool is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android. You can sign up with this game-based website for free and learn math using the detailed solutions. Another excellent feature of the tool is that it automatically targets concepts that you are weak at by creating customised games for you.

  1. Zearn

This web-based program is free to use and was created by the genius minds behind Eureka Math. The tool customises math exercises to target your weak-points and take assignment helper, get better. Besides using the app to solve mathematical problems by the clock, you can also watch instructional videos on new concepts.

  1. Open Middle

This app is specialised for open math problems suitable for high-school and college students. The exercises include problems that leave a part of an equation blank, and you have to fill it in to solve the equation. This app should be on your list of downloads right away if you want to enhance your critical thinking skills and analyse equations better.

Bookmark this post and download these apps on your phone right away to get better at math this semester.

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