The boost mostly becomes a problem as botters will most likely use it, which can cause more of an issue with Burning Crusade Classic Gold bots. But if bots were removed, I don't think the boost would be any issue. I have 5 friends that are coming back to classic because we all like tbc, and they only join due to the fact that they can increase their levels beyond the vanilla content.

All our characters exist in Classic already. They don't wish to be sitting around while people visit TBC. The entire database will be copied prior launch. TBC will change the "active bit" on the TBC database to true and the Classic bit to false if you select TBC. It is then possible to pay $35 to be able to have the Classic bit reversed.

Idk, for Asmongold specifically, it's his main source of income. Even Asmongold has admitted there are no other markets for his abilities. Certain people I can understand particularly when it comes to discussions about micro-macrotransactions. But for the majority of us, even if we disagree with the direction ActiBlizz is heading the desire to play TBC is greater.

Yes, that is true. I think buying the boost is a bad idea and sets negative precedents. I agree that he should stay clear from microtransactions, exactly like (I believe?) the retail industry does. I'm not completely up to date on his views however. I don't really watch him, or any streamer, but sometimes I'll watch a YouTube video.

The WoW game isn't any of that. It's an entirely personal decision that you make but isn't something you need to do as a fundamental need. Entertainment could be a fundamental desire. But, you could have entertainment in other places and not be a part of a fraudulent business. There is no way to get out of society.

While you are making great points However, you're actually arguing with the people around you. I have yet find someone who glances at their life and declares "This house is perfect", "My job is perfect", "My car is perfect", "My friends are flawless" etc. Everything we do is not perfect. Critiquing something even while using it for a long time is cheap WOW TBC Gold completely reasonable. It's only when it is hypocritical that it crosses the line into being trashy and not worth your time. It's just sad.