Like computers, they contain memory, local storage functions, operating systems, and so on. Sometimes, these components do not work as designed. When your fails to work properly, the first step should be to restart.

People often talk about how long the router must be powered off before it can restart normally. The general rule is 10 seconds, which is a good suggestion. When you unplug the power, it sometimes takes several seconds to completely power off.

If you have ever disconnected an item with a power light from the power supply, you may notice that the power light is still on for a few seconds after it is disconnected.

Routers usually have capacitors. The capacitor is essentially a battery that can power the router for a few seconds. Therefore, it is advisable to wait for 10 seconds after unplugging the router to ensure that the power supply is completely exhausted, even for capacitors. When the device is completely powered off, it can clear the memory and hope to prevent the problem that is occurring.

Generally speaking, it is wise to restart the router regularly. The idea behind this method is that if you restart it frequently, you may restart it less because of a problem.

To do this, you can unplug your router every week. You can also plug the router into the socket timer, so you don't have to remind to restart the router frequently.

When and why to reset the router

Resetting is helpful, but it is almost always used as a last resort when solving problems. Some routers have reset options or buttons. Generally speaking, the reset button is on the back of the device and must be pressed with a paper clip or other small object.

When you use these buttons, your router will reset to the factory settings. If you have any difficulty restarting or resetting the router, please consider seeking remote support from HelpCloud technicians to help solve the problem.

Some events that need to be reset have nothing to do with the detected router failure. For example, last May, the FBI asked the router user to restart the router. It turns out that many routers around the world are infected with a malicious software called VPN Filter. Malware can collect information and make the device inoperable.

Other repairs before resetting

If you are looking for an intermediate option between restart and reset, you are lucky. There are several steps you can take before you will need to reset your router.

Although this seems obvious, it is not uncommon to misdiagnose router problems. When you think there is a problem with your router, it may actually be the device you are using.

A common example occurs when people try to connect Alexa to other smart devices. It is easy to think that if the technology pairing is incorrect, there must be a problem with Bluetooth, router or other wireless technologies; However, this is not always the case. Before you mess up the router, especially before you reset it, see if this problem may occur elsewhere in the system.

One way to enhance router operation is to upgrade firmware. Like computers, routers need to be updated to continue to run smoothly. Router updates may not be as frequent as computer updates, but they are still very important.

You can contact the router manufacturer to see if your router has new downloads or updates. If you have experience in computers, you can also find this information from various applications or company websites.

Common WiFi problems and solutions

When it comes to routers, there are other ways to troubleshoot

If there is no network connection in some places of your residence, or the network connection speed is slow, you can try to move the router to a more centralized place. If this is impossible, or the relocation cannot solve your problem, you may need a booster.


If one of your devices is slow, or other technologies cannot connect to WiFi, you can restart the specific device. You can also turn off WiFi and then turn it on to see if you can connect successfully.

What if you seem to be connected, but there is no signal? Here, you need to restart the router. After the power cycle is completed, the problem may be solved by itself; If this situation continues, it may be time to reset.

Another common problem is loss of connection. When you lose contact, pay attention to what happens around you. Will the network connection be disconnected at a specific time of the day or when you are doing a specific activity?

This sounds strange, but simple things like turning on a microwave oven will cause your WiFi connection to deteriorate. See if you can relate a specific event or time of the day to your changing connection.

Similar words, different applications

Restarting and resetting the router are useful, but in different situations. First of all, you almost always want to restart the router to try to solve the problem. The only exception is that if there is a security threat, the router needs to be restored to the factory settings.

When there is no problem with security, you can take several other steps before resetting the router. Of course, when you need it, resetting your router may be just what you need to overcome technical problems.