Since Madden NFL 99, the games have provided a “Franchise” mode that involves managing and coaching a football dynasty season after season. Managing a dynasty seems as intrinsic to a football simulator as couch co-op or quickplay, yet it’s been ignored by EA in recent years. More focus has gone towards money-making modes like Ultimate Team.

But in an early preview at Madden NFL 22, we at Inverse learned all about some of the biggest updates coming too Franchise Mode — and all the other tidbits that’ll make your Franchise experience even better.

Staff Talent Trees In Madden 22

The biggest addition to Franchise arguably is the new skill trees for coaches; something players have been requesting since back when similar features were in the NCAA Football games. Each staff member will now have two skill trees that will feature over 60 unique skills at launch, with more coming via the live updates, giving each member of a team's staff their own individual traits. The two trees will be filled with abilities such as increased XP for specific positions or improved injury ratings to affect how the team will evolve.

To purchase various abilities, players will use Franchise Staff Points. At first, there was concern that this would be a new video game microtransaction system, especially as pre-order bonuses for the game included points. Still, EA has confirmed that is not the case, and points were only included in the pre-order bonuses to give Franchise players something for pre-ordering. Points can easily be earned in-game, though, by completing weekly goals such as completing four passes on the opening drive or rushing for so many yards in a game. These points will play directly into the Weekly Strategy focus as well.

Scouting Network

It seems like forever but one of the most requested features finally breaks through the franchise game mode.

Although EA Sports has had similar engines in other sports franchises like FIFA, this will be the scouting department debut for Madden.

Players will finally be able to search for the gridiron stars of the future regionally, nationally, by position or in many other different ways that we never could do before.

Franchise Staff

An expanded coaching roster will include an offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, and added a player personnel department that serves as your primary player acquisition character. With four characters to manage (including yourself in coach mode), each week you can upgrade your staff through “Talent Trees”.


Madden 22 released new Gridiron Notes taking a deeper look at the upgrades they've got in the works for Franchise Mode this year.

In it, they've included the following details about the addition of scouting:

"One of the most highly-requested features for Franchise was a more robust scouting feature when searching for your future star player. Since Scouting is a significant structural overhaul and fundamental piece of the Franchise experience, there will be a Live Service update targeted for September. This will require players to restart their Franchise in Madden NFL 22 after downloading the Title Update."

That final detail is on that many fans are going to need to keep in mind, and it may even deter some from using Franchise or purchasing the game until after the scouting update is added.

That's the latest news of Madden 22 we've know yet, plus other key additions that we’ll reveal as we get deeper into the year for Madden NFL 22 development season. we hope EA Sports will bring more surprises to us in Madden NFL 22. And will still here offer you the MUT Coins to help you enjoy a better gaming time!