Cleaning method of COMFEE flashwave


The air fryer at home needs to be cleaned after each use. What are the cleaning methods of Nami's air fryer?


1. Wash it every time you use it. Don't leave it until the next time you use it. Remember to soak in hot water before cleaning. Some people will wash it until the next time, which is easy to produce dirt and will breed bacteria. This is not good. Remind them that this is not good. In addition, the internal material of an oil-free air frying pan cannot be cleaned with a steel brush. It is better to use a small brush or bristle brush.


2. Before use, spray oil on the frying net or spread baking paper to treat the head, preheat and then spray some cooking oil in the pot, or spread baking paper, so as to avoid meat sticking. However, it should be noted that laying baking paper may affect the ripening speed of the ingredients, so the cooking time and temperature must be increased, and the number of turns can be increased.


3. COMFEE air frying pan cleaning tool bristle brush: It's really a hard job to brush an oil-free air frying pan, but a good bristle brush can lose a lot of ordinary people distress. This is up to everyone to find and use easily. Enzyme cleaner: The most important thing to clean the oil-free air frying pan is the enzyme cleaner. Pour detergent into the pan of an oil-free air frying pan with an oil stain. You can soak it for a while and then brush it. It will be cleaned immediately.