Ffxiv syncs everyone to WOW TBC Gold the dungeon level and contains a rapid four celebration dungeon finder/queue system, which is such a great quality of life thing which it's a cinch to solo/group when as you want.

Mahbe wow does that today, but it was such an oversight back when I tried it, like it's such an obvious point to include to ensure everyone can reach the same story beats.

This is a direct quote from Bobby Kotick, who purchased Mediagenic that turned into Activision, which purchased a plethora of gaming studios, and merged with Vivendi, and is currently Activision Blizzard:

I would honestly have to read/research a lot more. I really only know that it did happen; the when; how much it cost, etc., but I don't think I ever watched the why. I didn't believe Vivendi Games was ever that hard up buy WOW Classic TBC Gold for cash, but I suppose something Activision had seemed enticing enough.