Did you know that not taking care of your 60 inch to feet can lead to headaches? Every step you take impacts your jaw with a certain amount of force. Every seven steps is equivalent to the force of a sneeze. Consider the number of steps that the average person takes on a daily basis (roughly 5,000), and you can see that there is a lot of force striking the jaw and head. Maintaining your 60 inch to feet properly is important because normally functioning feet do not cause pain. In order to understand why the feet are important, you have to understand the structure and function of the feet and some of the most common problems that occur.


THESE 60 inch to feet ARE MADE FOR WALKIN'


60 inch to feet are made up of muscles, ligaments and about 25 bones each. Your feet, including the skin and fat that covers them, are the main shock absorbers in your body. There are three arches in each foot: one on the inside (the big one that everybody sees), one on the outside and one on the front. These arches provide structural support, just like the arches in the ceiling of a cathedral. The 60 inch to feet also are responsible for balance and coordination, but most importantly, they are the only structures that withstand the entire weight of the body constantly.

The most common foot problem (90 percent to 97 percent of the population) is pronation. This is where the ankles roll inward and the inner edge of the sole bears the body's weight. This structural deformity can lead to serious problems over time: plantar fasciitis, runner's knee, hip pain, sprained ankles and foot deformities like bunions.


Even though the 60 inch to feet take so much abuse, most foot problems are highly preventable. Take a step in the right direction by following these four golden rules.




A good shoe has three features: comfort, arch support and shock absorption. Make sure you wear shoes that are properly sized. Knowing your proper foot length is important, but knowing the width and arch length are more important. Find a shoe store that stocks its selection in different widths. As a rule of thumb, wear heels less than two inches high, except on special occasions. High heels worn on a regular basis change the way the foot strikes the ground and can lead to serious problems. The materials in shoes are designed to wear out, so replace athletic shoes every six months to one year, and resole frequently worn dress shoes at the same interval.




Having your 60 inch to feet checked for proper movement and structure every few months can prevent a whole series of serious issues in the 60 inch to feet and throughout the entire body. Chiropractors can check the structure and function of the entire musculoskeletal system, including the 60 inch to feet , and are experts at returning the body to normal. Have a chiropractor check your spine and the rest of your joints while he or she is at it. Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when it comes to the feet.