It's true. I believe buying the boost is a bad idea and sets poor precedents. I agree that the person should stay clear of microtransactions. He does it in retail. However, I'm still not up-to-date on WOW TBC Classic Gold his opinions. I'm not sure I watch his videos often, or any other streamer, except for one or two YouTube videos.

There is no such thing as WoW. It's an entirely personal decision that you engage in it, and isn't an essential requirement. Entertainment might be a basic desire. But, you can get entertainment anywhere else and not have to support a scam business. There is no way out of society.

Even though you have great arguments However, you're actually arguing with people below you. I'm still trying to find anyone who analyzes their life and claims "this house is absolutely perfect my job is perfect and my car is absolutely perfect and my friends are perfect, the price of everything I purchase is perfect," and so on. Every aspect of our lives isn't perfect. Being critical of something, but using it for a long time is completely rational. It's only when it becomes hypocritical that it cross the line to become a sham and isn't worth your time. It's just sad.

Although I laugh when I hear this, I believe pricing is flawed today because it takes into account the cost of production. Nestle's production of water bottles is an example. Nestle is required to pay $500 per million litres of groundwater they pump out of Ontario. This amounts to 1/20th of a cent per litre which is sufficient to fill two bottles.

They are responsible for their infrastructure, equipment maintenance, and employees. Their product isn't cheap to buy Burning Crusade Classic Gold make however, I wouldn't be shocked if they have an astronomically high margin on it.