Do you ever wonder what's the criteria of writing a perfect argumentative essay? Is it a realistic essay topic, or great writing style? Well, there are a number of factors that help build a dramatic flair into perfect essay writing. To add strong reasoning in the essay you need to follow some important steps which are given below. 



What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay involves giving arguments and reasoning in order to prove your stance in an essay. These arguments are collected from different sources such as research papers, books, interviews and so on. Writing an argumentative essay requires genius writing strategies and techniques to craft an essay that proves the stance provided by the author. 



Tips to Add Reasoning and Dramatic Flair

Adding reasoning and dramatic flair to write my essay sounds like a fun activity. There are a number of things in English language that can help build all this stuff into an essay. Specify to the tips given below for adding dramatic flair and reasoning to your argumentative essay. 



  1. Start With a Question

A question helps build suspense among the readers. It is the basic and most effective way to add dramatic flair into an argumentative essay. When you start your essay with a question, the readers already make up their mind to find the answer and hence they end up reading the whole essay.  



  1. Use of Punctuations

Punctuations add a lot to the text let alone the way words are written. The punctuations like semicolon, colon, inverted commas and exclamation mark add different meanings to the sentences. Therefore, using such punctuation marks can help give dramatic flair to the argumentative essay. 



  1. Collecting Accurate Arguments

The use of accurate and precise arguments is the most important in writing an argumentative essay. That's why to add reasoning in the essay, it is necessary to collect only relevant arguments that cannot be challenged by the readers. 



  1. Use Wordplay 

The use of wordplay can help add dramatic flair into the essay. Mixing different nouns and verbs, using the metaphors and idioms, and using any kind of examples from regular life will help make how to write a good essay



  1. Add a Reasoning and Reject it 

When you add a reasoning in the essay to reject it later, it will cause the readers to believe you have ample knowledge of the topic. You know how to add a reasoning that makes sense, you know which argument/reason will be the most relevant one as per the context. This technique will do wonders in your argumentative essay. 



  1. Relate with Real Life Examples 

People can automatically relate to the things happening in real life. When you use a real life example in your essay you connect with the audience easily. So add examples from your surroundings and real life to get readers involved with your essay. 




The above-mentioned tips to add dramatic flair and reasoning into an argumentative essay promise a well-written, and well-structured essay. An argumentative essay is supposed to have a lot of arguments and the examples that write perfectly for me fit into the context, that's why these tips are quite engaging and useful to craft an essay that fulfills the criteria of writing a perfect argumentative essay. 


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