In recent years, major online games have developed the ability to build a game that allows games to play against other players of similar skill level. The League system is exactly that, a ranking system to find other players of a similar skill level to play with or against. Riot have opted to use a ranking system where players can see their progress through divisions symbolised by a badge. Each division has its own badge so it's easily identified which division your character is currently within.

What are Ranks in League of Legends Called?

The nine tiers in ranked League of Legends span from Iron to Challenger. Each has four divisions within them with four being the lowest and one the highest. Once you hit 100 LP in division one of your tier, you will then be given the chance to move up to division four in the tier above by winning the majority of your games in a short promotion series.

The majority of the global playerbase find themselves in Silver or Gold, showing just how hard it is to progress in competitive LoL.

To start pushing to Platinum and beyond, you’ve got to become properly dedicated and hone your skills. Specialising in a small number of heroes and frequently checking patch notes for meta-changing nerfs and buffs are a good starting block to elevating your LoL game.

Ranked Splits

Each season is divided into three splits. In each split, you can collect split points by winning games. If you collect 250 split points in one split, your ranked armor will visually change. This way, you can upgrade your ranked armor up to three times per season:

You receive between 20 and 30 split points for each win, depending on whether you played your main role or won off-role (autofilled).

Promo Helper

The promo helper is supposed to help you with promotion series of leagues that you already achieved before this season, but were then relegated. For example, if you were already Gold IV, but then relegated to Silver I, you will receive up to two free wins for your next Gold IV promotion series. With that, you only have to win one or two more games to rank up.

The promo helper will also help you if you have just lost the promotion series to a new league. As soon as you get back into the promo, you will also receive up to two free wins.

In general, the promo helper is only available in Iron, Bronze and Silver league. You then have to play the promotion series from Gold I to Platinum IV without it.

League of Legends Tiers

The nine tiers, or ranks, in League of Legends include: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, GrandMaster, and Challenger. The majority of current LoL players find themselves in the introductory tiers of Iron, Bronze, Silver, and Gold for quite a while, which is a testament to how difficult it can be to rank higher in the game as well as the level of competitiveness you may encounter from other players.


Each league is made up of 4 divisions, except the Master and Challenger leagues. Therefore, the Silver league can be divided into Silver 4, Silver 3, Silver 2, and Silver 1.

League Points (LP)

League Points are used to establish the League of Legends rank. For example, if someone is in Diamond 3 with 18 LP, then to reach the Diamond 2 division, he must therefore reach 100 LP.

Match Making Rating (MMR)

Generally speaking, you gain 20 points for a win and lose 20 points for a loss. Sometimes you win/lose a little more or a little less. Everything has to do with Match Making Rate, Riot Games’ “hidden leader board.” This rank is very important in the eyes of the players.

The LoL ranking system might be a little confusing for a beginner, so having these facts covered is a good place to start. There is still a long way ahead of you towards competitive play, get into LoL account and enjoy the game. You can Buy LoL Account from or sell lol account to turn a profit.