What are the things you think WOW TBC Gold they could add? You'd be able to play against other players at any point in the game (players that I am referring to). Even if all they know is the ability to win mgp when you win the gold saucer, it would be extremely enjoyable to play the game and make our own bets on games. I would love to stroll to a dark alley and find card sharks hunting for a game lol

It's a regular occurrence for me and my fellow players or FC buddies to hang out in discord during the evenings, and hang out in the large city, and dance occasionally, watch some of the bards, visit people's houses in the wards. Also, look out for the location that's hosting an event, or just something that's outside of playing games. There's a lot to see and do in the world, however most of it is player-made. That's the thing I miss most about the old-school WoW. It was no longer thrilling for me quite a while back, but I'll never forget being decked out in SWP equipment and people on my badly developed server going on about how 'THIS GEAR IS SO COOL' and having no idea!

It's amazing to go to FFXIV and lounge out in Limsa, Ul'dah, or any other place with my Triple Triad parasol. I'm sure I'll be greeted with five comments about the source of this item. Sometimes, I'll message others asking where they purchased a specific item of glamour since I'm a huge glamour fiend. It's so delicious.

Early Runescape has an amazing community, and if you were to travel through Varrock or Falador you'd witness a lot of people doing various things (or going into world 2 and seeing these locations bursting with trading). A lot of people "wasted" time doing many mini-games however, now everyone breaks every task down to gold/hour, or the equivalent of xp/hour.

I joined WoW when gearscore was starting to pick up and was before LFG was even introduced (dps meters were already a thing). There was a change in community , from being cautious about toxic players to do the dungeons, to kicking down the lowest level dps , and becoming replaced in just a few seconds. It's been a bit worse in WoW where the "interview" process for joining the group changed from looking at their gear to looking at the entire experience of the group (people generally want you to have 4 years experience before they can offer you their entry-level post).

This is just what I needed. I left off the raid icon line, to avoid having to to edit the macro every time I'm with cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold someone who is marking it square whatever However, it's helpful to have the syntax in place should I decide to put it into. Thank you so much!