Hello friends, players. I saw an article by Grinding Gear Games game designers today. They have launched a new expansion mode Delirium Challenge Alliance. In the Delirium Challenge Alliance, players will fall into a variety of illusions, thanks to their new Increased mist effect. As a Delirium visual effect, the ubiquitous fog is simply amazing. Do you still believe your eyes when the POE Currency whole world changes?
In addition to the new monsters you see in the fog, they may behave very differently in the fog. They will split into entities to attack you, and then return to the host. It may be real, or it may be a dream, and at the same time, you may have fallen into the next illusion.
Jewelry has been added before, and allows players to customize the passive tree. The new jewelry that Delirium is joining can be added to the tree, and can even expand more. You may think these options are crazy.
When players start to activate Delirium mechanics, they will hear some real sounds, which makes people panic. When Delirium starts to awaken its own unique charm, you will understand what will be faced, and evencrazy love it.
Throughout the history of path of exile, focusing on madness several times, Items like the sword Innsbury Edge play with the player's perception of the game world by causing unusual behavior to Buy POE Currency occur. Such as your character keeling over dead from seemingly nothing, only to suddenly spring back up ... yet leaving your corpse on the ground at the same time!
Delirium is about to awaken, join us soon, it must be fun.