If you have landed on this page, I am pretty sure that you are already using the crypto.com exchange to trade in crypto assets. Well, the platform has topped the chart of best cryptocurrency exchanges that are available today. The platform comes with several features and services making your crypto trading journey a smoother one. However, at times, things may not go as you want them to. Similarly, you might start facing issues while trying to access your Crypto.com account. So, in that case, what you are supposed to do is take necessary actions to resolve crypto.com sign in issues.

So, first of all, whenever you face such a problem, you are advised to check your login credentials, whether you have fed them correctly or not. In case, you have checked that all the login credentials are correct and you still are not able to get back into your account, then you are supposed to opt for a password reset.

On the other hand, if you are able to log in, then also you might want to change your password for various reasons. Well, in that case, the process for carrying out the two procedures has been specified below in detail.

Steps to reset the account password on crypto.com 

Before you opt for an account password reset, make sure you have access to the authentication options so that the platform could verify your identity and give you a trouble-free experience.

  1. To begin the process, you first have to open the crypto.com sign in page
  2. https://auth.crypto.com/users/sign_in is the link to the sign in page
  3. Here, you need to spot and select the "Forgot your password?" link
  4. On the pop-up notification, select "Proceed"
  5. Enter the registered email address in the given spaces and select "Continue"
  6. Once you are done with that, you can choose a new crypto.com sign in password

This way you can easily eliminate hurdles from accessing your crypto.com account.

Way to change the password, if required 

On the other hand, if you are concerned about the security of your account and you are just wondering to change your sign in password to a complicated one, then you can follow the steps that are explained below to get things done:

  1. Again, the first thing that you need to do is open the crypto.com sign in page
  2. Now, feed the correct login details of your account to get back into your account
  3. After this, you can simply go to the "Settings" menu on the homepage
  4. From there, navigate to the "Security" tab
  5. Now, move to the "General" Settings menu and select "change password"
  6. Set a new password for your account and you're done


For improving account security and for regaining account access, it is a must that you take appropriate measures on time. So, through this blog post, we tried to help you reset as well as change your account password. One thing that you need to keep in mind during the process, is to create a complicated password so that nobody could hack into your account.