The first challenge in Path of Exile is that you need to choose the type of character you want to play. At the POE Currency initial stage, there are 6 options to choose from, and only another category can be unlocked during the campaign. You can think about the fantasy role you want to play. These six categories have their own advantages, and each category is related to each other. For example, Marauders have higher power than other classes, which means it will cause more physical damage and will not die easily. Agility is about speed and evasion. Intelligence provides improved critical attacks and high-energy shields.
Next, let me introduce you to the characteristics of these six categories:
The Duelist stands for agility and strength, specializing in swords or axes. The Duelist uses agile body style to Buy POE Currency avoid damage and at the same time can launch a fatal blow to the enemy. In the early days, his skills can choose attack speed or damage bonus.
Marauder stands for power, it is extremely difficult to kill, and usually uses heavy weapons to cause huge damage. If you encounter The Marauder, it is best not to engage it directly, he can get attack and defense bonuses near the gaze position of the passive skill tree.
The Ranger stands for agility, and long-range attacks with bows and arrows make people unpredictable. At the beginning of the game, you can focus on attack speed and evasion tactics.
The Shadow stands for agility and seniority, and players as senior assassins can consider it. Shadow uses weapons such as daggers and claws to fight, and has magical abilities. At the beginning, you can focus on the magic bonus and attack speed.
The Templar represents wisdom and power, and can be attacked and defended. It uses a large stick to break through the enemy's defense and also use spell attacks. Most players like to focus on magic bonuses and physical defense functions. New players can choose this type of character to fight.
The Witch stands for intelligence. It can attack with a magic wand and has a high amount of magical damage. In the early stage, it can focus on servants and spell skills. If you plan to participate in a later game and think you need a creep, you can choose a witch.