Through his analyze, Shen signed up with the crew of Academician Fu Tingdong, an authority in rapeseed genes and propagation, and participated inside research in genetic procedure and molecular the field of biology of rapeseed hybrids. After staying selected through the Provincial Cigarette smoking Agricultural Academy on the Science along with Technology Department in the Provincial Agency (company), they was generally engaged throughout standardization along with intellectual residence management, and Cheap Carton of Newport 100s was a serious participant throughout "Study in Leaf Cigarette smoking Characteristics Examination and Local Positioning throughout Yunnan Cigarette smoking Regions" along with "Comparative Analyze on Leaf Cigarette smoking in Yunnan Brand-new Tobacco Parts and Leaf Cigarette smoking in Zimbabwe". Moreover, he in addition participated inside compilation of many important instructional papers, and achieved many important controlled and engineering achievements.

Very last September, jun-ru shen as being a leader, led by simply 25 in the science along with technology workers of analyze and USA Cigarettes Wholesale transmission teams for you to shandong jinan ZhongYan explained cigarette production facilities experience minor cigar traditions, learning, along with master your separation along with processing involving tobacco leaf, YanZhi coiling, YanZhi harmony, YanZhi preservation, YanZhi Newport Cigarettes Wholesale Cheap snowy, color presentation, such while rolling anatomist, independent producing the thesis, Participated inside drafting in the Provincial Agency (company) "Opinions for the Scale Growth of Stogie Tobacco throughout 2021".