One of the most difficult tasks for people who Pergola Installation Nashville new construction homes is trying to figure out where to start with landscaping. No matter what size the lawn may be, many of us don't have the knack for picturing how a finished landscape will look. Of course, if money is no object, you can hire a professional landscaper, but in the interest of saving the bucks that are often tight when purchasing a new home, you can do the job yourself. Although many people think you need to start by planting grass seed and establishing a lawn, you'll find that it's easier to start with a focal point and then create the landscape around it. One of the things you might consider starting with is a Pergola Installation Nashville.

When you begin looking at Nashville Pergola Construction designs, you may want to consider the architecture of your house and try to find a style that will blend well with it. However, many people have used completely different, contrasting styles and creatively blended them into a cohesive whole. A lot will depend on the style you prefer and the amount of privacy you want.


Some people prefer to have a basic Pergola Installation Nashville installed in their yard. This consists of simple posts and trusses across the roof. They use styles like to to advantage when they plant climbing vines and flowers to cover the structure or add lights and other features. More ornate styles are available, too. Maybe you'd prefer an Asian Pergola Installation Nashville . Your home does not need to be done in an Oriental motif for this pergola design to work. In addition, you need to decide if you want your arbor to cover your deck or patio and be attached to your home or whether you'd rather have a free-standing building.


Most Pergola Installation Nashville are very open-air. They give the feeling of an enclosure without really closing anything in. If you'd prefer to have a little more privacy, such as with a pergola you want to use with your hot tub, you can find designs that incorporate walls on one or two sides. Pergola Installation Nashville with very open roofs are perfect for star gazing, but if you'd rather have more overhead protection, you can find styles with lattice panels between the trusses.