How to trade with other players in Path of Exile? This is indeed a problem for most players, because the Path of Exile transaction itself is a whole set of other games. Every loot you get in the POE Currency game can be used for trading, and if you know what other players need to look for, you can definitely make a fortune. Next, let me introduce you to the game mechanics of Path of Exile.
If you are just starting to play this game, then you will absolutely admire the complicated barter economy of Path of Exile. Unlike Diablo 3, a single currency for buying gold from NPC vendors or other players, Path of Exile transactions are done in multiple currencies. When you sell loot to other players, they will use these currencies to pay you. It's a bit complicated, but don't worry, you will master it.
The difference with other RPG games is that Path of Exile does not set up in-game infrastructure for trading, and there is no auction house to browse. The only way to trade is to find another player and trade with them manually. This is a very perfect interface, you can sell all the loot you get in Path of Exile. Of course, it must be based on mutual agreement.
To know what other players are selling, you need to use, which can be found on the Path of Exile website and can search for other players ’items for sale. The following is a brief introduction to the transaction process:
You need to use to find the item you want and click the whisper button next to the seller's name. This will let you copy a string of text that you can paste into the in-game chat window, which will automatically send the player what you need. Players see that they usually invite you to Buy POE Items enter their hiding place to trade. What you need to pay attention to is to ensure that the currency is brought into the inventory. Then enter their hiding place to complete the transaction.
Is n’t it easy now? Try it now!