The exact timing of when your cash app direct deposit will be credited to your Cash App account will depend on a few factors, including the policies of your employer and the processing times of Cash App.


In general, Cash App typically makes cash app direct deposits available within one to five business days from the time they are received. However, in some cases, deposits may be subject to a hold period or may take longer to process, particularly if there are any issues with the deposit or if it is a large amount.


If you are expecting a cash app direct deposit from your employer on Friday, it's possible that the deposit may be credited to your Cash App account as early as Friday or as late as the following Wednesday, depending on when the deposit is initiated and how quickly it is processed.


To ensure that you receive your direct deposit as quickly as possible, it's important to verify that you have provided your employer with the correct account and routing numbers for your Cash App account. If you are unsure of this information, you can find it by tapping the "My Cash" tab in your Cash App and then selecting "Cash" to view your account and routing numbers.